"The comprehensive care and attention to lifestyle feels so helpful. The intelligence in Dr. Rosenthal's hands comes through to my body and does not only feel healing but is educative to my muscles and bones. My body has an experience and a new positive one when it is not functioning on its own at its best. I always leave my appointments hopeful, relieved and with additional strategies for healing and managing whatever injury I may be working with." --Jeanie
"I deeply appreciate this kind of work and that I am part of the process and not just getting a pill to take." --SG
"I recommend this type of work to others now and all the time as being active in ones own wellness with a very skilled partner is the very best way to go." --TB
"Dr. Rosenthal is an expert who treats the whole body. She understands pain and its many connections. Her treatment is clear, thorough and successful." --MM
"I want to thank you for all the contributions you make to my health each time we meet. I deeply appreciate your wisdom, deft hands and positive outlook." --AC
"Dr. Rosenthal has been an integral part of the health of our family. We each have needs for osteopathic care (neck issues, scoliosis and knee injuries) and we value the "whole" patient approach. I often talk with Dr. Lillie about self care and nutrition, while my daughter speaks about her experiences as a teen growing up in NYC. My husband tries to balance the stresses of living in NYC with a holistic approach. We always feel great physically and mentally whenever we see Dr Lillie." --HV
"I would love to say how much the work has helped me. Choosing to see an osteopathic physician is a very mindful decision. I chose to do so because I know that I will be seen as a whole person who is the sum of all their parts and how I live my life, not just as a pain I have in my back or hip." --JN
"After on year in intense pain and receiving treatment without improvement, I saw Dr. Rosenthal on The Dr. Oz Show and she was explaining how osteopathic manipulation successfully treats pain. I immediately liked her explanation because she was telling me what I always believed, but never found in previous treatments. She was telling me how to treat the patient as a whole and not only the pain. It was the best treatment I ever received." --AB